Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Etsy Treasury

I asked myself, "Ashlee, what is the next step for promoting my Art and hopefully helping promote some other wonderful creative folk from Etsy?" Then it hit me, create your own Treasury on Etsy!

And yes, my thought process looks very much like what is portrayed to the left in this ridiculous photo shoot.

Then I asked myself, "what theme would I present?" Well it is getting closer to Spring and Easter and both of those times make me think of pastel vibrant colors and Easter egg painting. Then it dawned on me, what if I was an Easter egg and I had to translated into such things as Art, accessories and other creative items? My light bulb got even brighter and it was then that my Treasury was born :

Go out and take a look, you just might be drawn into the whimsy or it may just inspire your own creativity. The pieces I selected are fun and I hope people enjoy them as much as I do.

This was a good way to spend the morning but I need to get back to my new piece I am making:

Ride the Lashes

I still have to finish the charcoal, paint the background and add my motorcycle. I hope everyone is having an eventful or relaxing Sunday. Cheers!

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Oh and I think you know...I like being shared like a dirty whore so spread the word on Rubber Monty. It is the Art company "where Art breathes". 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Safe Art

Rubber Monty? Ashlee, please explain so your followers don't think you have named your Art Company from some psychotic break on a Jack Daniels binge.

Okay, so I do more here than just putting prophylactics on rubber duckies. I actually make Art and a piece I created 15 years ago was my Mother's favorite. My Mother died last year from liver cancer which was metastasized from breast cancer. She always wanted me to follow my dream of selling my Art, so it only made sense to call my company something that reminded me of her.

So what is this piece of Artwork and why the name? Well the piece of Artwork is part of my logo seen above. The original piece is to the left and my company logo is to the right :

I made this piece by cutting up several still life pieces and then I pasted them on Art paper and connected them to make one cohesive work of Art as seen above. In the middle of the Artwork is actually part of a rubber ducky and there is just something about this piece that reminds me of the art segments in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Hence the name Rubber Monty.

Sharing makes me smile. I have more pieces than just the four seen on this page so don't forget to check me out like I was your favorite naughty book in the Library at Etsy :

Now back to the doing of the Art, it won't get made itself and the Faeries only make shoes and mischief.

FYI, this is how much my photo shoot and blog interested Jacks :

I am starting to think he doesn't find me amusing one bit.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting an Art Company

As confused or lost as I may seem, I figured I had to give it a go. I started posting my Art on Etsy, I made business cards and flyers, I created a Facebook page for my Company Rubber Monty and I enlisted the help of a faithful yet bitchy employee Lucifer Jane : 

And I keep trying to recruit Doc Jacks but I think he is avoiding me :

And now I am starting this blog. For those of you who are interested in my Art and wish to follow along with my company's progress please have a seat, I will make you some room. *wink*

Also feel free to think of me as your favorite wicked book in the Library and check me out on Facebook :!/pages/Rubber-Monty/193109530707450