Friday, March 4, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Treasury

My Art is quite whimsical and I hardly ever paint anything realistic. Art for me is a seed planted in my heart that then branches and flourishes like a tree through my mind soaking in my imagination but in the case of Breast Cancer Awareness, I can easily say that even though my whimsy peeks through, this topic is centered in my heart.

Two of the most important and influential people of my life battled Breast Cancer and these feelings gave way to this painting :

Shine On

My Grandmother is a Breast Cancer survivor :

And my Mother died from Liver Cancer that was metastasized from Breast Cancer last year.

I thought why not promote awareness on Etsy with a Treasury. I can offer my painting (seen above) in the collection and if purchased I will donate $25 to Susan G Komen for the Cure and find other great Etsy pieces that promote awareness and that might possibly donate to charity as well. So I created this Treasury :

Several of the pieces, if purchased, will have funds donated to various Cancer charities. All Sellers that plan to donate to a charity, have the charity and the portion of donation listed on their item. Even if a Sellers is not donating, the pieces are all still great for spreading awareness.

Please go check out my Treasury at Etsy as there are some great items in the collection.

My inspiration : 


Love For Me

Slender fingers grasp at me
Bandaging cuts

Thin lips curl for me
Magic is sung for me
Bellies reeling
Love is showered upon
Eyes sparkling
My Mother's love for me

By Ashlee Workman
From the poetry book I wrote to my Mother 12/2001


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  4. I love your painting it's very empowering. Breast cancer also runs in both sides of my family. My aunt (my fathers side) and my mom both had it and they are both lucky to survivors! I know your paintings will speak to so many people on different levels from the survivors themselves and to the supporters.

  5. I really appreciate the compliment and for you to share your story with me. I am glad that your Aunt and Mother are well and are survivors. Thank you for commenting.