Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where have you been?

You may wonder why the train to Artsville has been stopped in the station temporarily. Well there have been a couple of reasons.

1) One of my best friends came in from out of town as her Mom was ill in the hospital. She is originally from the Chicagoland area but moved to Colorado several years ago. I spent a lot of time cooking for her (as you know I fancy myself quite the chef). I made her homemade pasta, soups, sauces, sandwiches and yes they were all created with a side of love. She needed it. Food soothes the soul.

This is us when I visited her about a year ago.

Luckily her Mother is doing much better but sadly she went back home and I will miss her stinky ass.  

2) The week she was leaving I suffered a horrible migraine attack. It lasted almost a week and it looked something like this :

Three medication changes later I am feeling better. Today is the first day I have been back on my game. I have finished step two of my new Art piece "Ride the Lashes" :

Hopefully I can finish this piece and the other three I am working on this week.

In the works :

Mary Agnes - I am changing the background.

Jacked Up - Need to finish painting

This last one has not been named yet. I am creating it for my friend Chandos. Yes this is a VERY rough sketch on the back of an envelope but it'll do until I get it on paper or canvas. Trust me, it will look better..LOL

Now back to that saddle Aerosmith *wink*:


  1. OH, that's mine! All mine! Mine. Mine. Mine. From you! I will cherish it always! Can't wait to see it!!! Hope your migraine stays at bay, those suck ass.

  2. Thanks Chandos! I will e-mail you the picture when I am close to being done for your approval. *wink* Yeah I am just now getting back in the groove.